We are delighted that you have dropped by to consider sending your child to Mulberry Outdoor preschool.  Children start with us from the age of 2 1/2 years and stay until they are 4 years and then move on to Primary Reception.

Registrations are made very early, so we keep a waiting list for places. Enrolments are confirmed in April, ready for the following academic year starting in September.

Additional places may arise during term time, so do get in touch to discuss availability.

As a possible future preschool for your child we would like to extend a warm welcome and guide you through the next steps of the process.






Make an admissions enquiry:

Contact us via email or telephone and arrange to view the setting.
Weekly onsite visits are organised so that you can see the setting in action. These appointments are available on Wednesday mornings.
Your visit will be followed up with a post visit information package including what to do next, registration document and our current fees guide.

Register your application:

There are two methods to register, if we can offer a secure place immediately then you will be placed on the priority list until your enrolment is completed.  There is also a waiting list for a chance place. The waiting list is constantly monitored and we aim to keep you informed during the process.


Once we reach the enrolment stage we will provide our Information guide to help you through all aspects of life in the preschool. We then plan with you to welcome your child into the setting, including a pre-welcome session.


FAQs coming soon!